• Improved stability of products + packages… using stretch films forms a solid unit load
  • Substantially increases efficiency in  handling cargo
  • Optimum organization in storage of unit loads for ideal warehouse management.
  • Improved dust + moisture protection.
  • More effective tamper resistance + decreased package pilferage.
  • Stronger levels of UV protection to prevent from fading and label damage.

Food Service & Poultry Bags

From plastic bread bags, clear produce bags, poultry poly and ice bags…we supply it all and will customize any size and weight you need for your company. FDA-approved for safe food service, storage and handling

Produce Bags

We offer complete lines of food packaging solutions for plastics produce bags. All of our bags are manufactured from FDA approved 100% virgin resin. We provide flexible custom food packaging solutions with varying sizes and 8 colors print capabilities.

Poly SheetingPoly-Sheeting

We offer any and all custom blown plastic films for palletized boxes and other uses. Single layer poly film, Multilayer poly film , Coextruded poly film , Printed poly film , Shrink poly Films and High Performance poly films…fully customizable, call us for a quote!

Poly Tubing

Custom printed tubing and custom sizes are also available. Lay-Flat poly tubing. Black Conductive poly tubing. Antistatic poly tubing.

Plastic Poly tubing is ideal for high volume packaging operations.  FDA and USDA poly tubing.

Horse Shavings & Animal Bedding

Bags made for drop feeders or sheeting for your form, fill and seal equipment. Low slip film utilized to allow stack-ability. UVI additives used to protect the film from degradation under varying weather conditions. UVI inks used to protect print graphics from fading. Custom print up to 8 colors available.

Mulch, Topsoil & Landscape Bags

Printed up to 8 colors. UVI film used to protect the film from degradation under varying weather conditions UVI inks used to protect print graphics from fading.

Pin vents, micro-perf vents, 3/8 & 1/4″ venting available to allow air release after packing.